Mission: To provide an educational environment which emphasizes independent learning as a lifelong process of challenges. Learners must become critical thinkers, develop positive self-esteem, reach their maximum potential, adapt to a changing world, and become responsible citizens.

High School Registration

2020-2021 Overview 
Nevis Classes Grades 7-12

Dear Student and Parent:

Welcome to Nevis High School. During the next four years you will be setting the ground work for your future. Your selection of classes is very important as you prepare for post high school opportunities.

There are a variety of classes that are required for you to take to satisfy local and state graduation requirements. Other classes are offered as electives that you may choose to take to give you an experience in a variety of areas. Plus, there are alternative programs that are available for you during your junior and senior years in high school.

To help you in the class registration process, this booklet HS Registration Guide contains very important information about the classes that are being offered during the school year. The listing includes a class description, prerequisites for the class, and any special materials required. Plus, there is information about the graduation requirements for your graduating class and the suggested requirements for post-secondary educational institutions.

All the classes listed are not offered every year, so careful planning of classes is required. The inclusion of your parents in the planning and scheduling process is very important. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Brian Michaelson