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What is Title I?

Title I is a program designed to provide supplemental help to children who are having difficulty in reading and/or math.

How does a child become eligible for Title I?

The Title I teachers in your building use multiple measures to determine a child’s need for “extra” help. Your child was recommended for Title I help based on a combination of the following data: Northwest Evaluation Association Assessments (NWEAs), Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs), Star reading, district assessments, classroom grades and classroom teacher recommendation.

Who provides the extra help?

Licensed teachers and highly qualified paraprofessionals provide service for Title I students.

What kind of help is given?

Instructional materials, computers, and specialized teaching techniques are used to help children successfully meet the district and state high standards for their grade by supplementing the child’s regular curriculum.

Does the Title I take the place of classroom instruction?

No. Title I is intended to supplement (provide extra help), not supplant (take the place of) classroom instruction.

How long is a child served by the Title I program?

This depends upon the child’s rate of progress. A child is no longer in the program once he/she makes progress and is working at or above grade level or does not qualify for help based on next year’s selection process.

How are parents informed about their child's progress?

Parent/teacher conferences are held twice a year. Parents are encouraged to make appointments with the Title I teacher as well as the classroom teacher. Informal notes, telephone calls and newsletters may also be used to help keep parents informed. Please feel comfortable calling, e-mailing, or sending a note anytime you have questions regarding your child’s progress. 

How can a parent help?

You can help by keeping informed about your child’s progress in school. Be sure your child gets plenty of rest and a good breakfast to start the day. Limit the time your child spends watching television; help him/her discover other forms of recreation. Most important, spend time reading with your child and encourage them to read independently. Your child is never too old to hear a good story. Remember that the Title I staff is available to help you and your child. Be involved in your child’s education.